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    Default Is this hardware enough for what I want it to do?

    Hi there, first post here, but i've been a long time forum reader.
    I have always wanted to try out Untangle.

    Anyways, with the new 6.2 beta out, and it's ability to do Dual wan, I was wondering if the hardware I have is enough to run it on.

    The hardware I have which is an old P4 1.6 with 1 gig of ram. I can get intel nics for it if it has enough power to do what i need which is just the basics that untangle does, maybe antivirus also.

    My home network which it will be serving consist of,

    2- PC's
    2- Laptops
    1- PS3

    2 X 15m/2m internet which i would want to be load balanced by the untangle machine also. No QOS neccessary.

    At any time, all computers can be on and browsing the web, youtube, etc. Sometimes FTP transferring will be done and some bit torrenting also (i have read that bit torrent really bogs down the untangle machine, correct?). I also play games from time to time, so ping time to servers are important.

    Thanks for looking and any advice or comments will be appreciated, thanks.

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    I think it will probably be a bit light in the CPU department. I have a virtually identical box that is a P4 1.7 and it gets into the 60% range when the internet climbs into the 12-14mb range. So with a second connection and the overhead loss I think what you have will work, but you won't see full speed on your connection.
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    it'll work, but it might not work well. give it a try and find out, thats about all you can do.
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