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    Default UT mess with SQL and MySQL Databases

    I am having installation issues with my UT Box. With the configuration below, internet and e-mail traffic are being routed and scanned properly but all internal SQL and MySQL data transfer is being blocked.

    All of our pay and time records are managed in a SQL database and all production activity (the majority of our data transfer) is done in a MySQL database. As soon as I plug in the UT server both databases begin timing out and the users receive errors. It is my understanding from reading other threads, that this traffic shouldn't even be routed through the UT server so I'm not sure where to begin troubleshooting this error.

    UT "Network configuration" set up as transparent bridge w/ all default settings as follows:

    1. IP
    2. Default Gateway
    3. Primary DNS X.X.1.X
    4. Secondary DNS X.X.7.X

    Network Setup:
    1. (2) T1 Modem w/ 5 Static IP addresses .64, .65, .66, .67, .68
    2. Sonicwall w/ NAT configured.
    a. WAN - .66
    b. LAN
    c. DMZ
    3. DMZ connected to Webserver
    4. Lan connected to UT Server
    a. Eth0 –
    b. Eth1 – Bridge
    5. Eth1 connected to LAN Switch
    6. Switch to MS Exchange Server 03 –
    7. Switch to MS03 DHCP Server and Primary DNS -
    8. Switch to MS03 Secondary DNS -
    9. Second Switch connected to rest of the Network

    I am unable to convince management to allow me to take the Sonicwall out of the mix until UT proves itself (to them) on its first two tasks of internet and spam filtering.

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    You have DMZ on the Sonicwall, I assume the DB servers are on the LAN and attached to the Web server in the DMZ?

    Untangle does not like it when you present local IP addresses on the external interface. You need to configure the thing just so for the DMZ traffic to make it into your lan.

    Give the UT bridge an ip on the DMZ segment, and create a bypass rule for the dmz address space so it goes around the rack when the range presents on external.
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    Yes there is a DMZ and web server connected to the Sonicwall, but the SQL and MySQL servers have no connections to the web server; that is why it isn't attached to that side of the Sonicwall. The data on their ports remains completely internal and they send no data to the outside world.

    The two databases are only for tracking production data internally, running the time clocks, and managing employee records.

    Does anybody have any other ideas for this?
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    I hate to be a punk by bumping this up, but does anybody have any ideas that may help me with getting this working properly?!?

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