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    Default Untangle and 2 LANs

    We run 2 different LANs at our office. We tried installing Untangle as a bridge with two network cards. Untangle would route the packets destined for one network just fine but would block and quarantine the other network's packets. I noticed that Untangle can work on Multi WANs using three network cards... could three network cards be a solution to my problem? And should it be configured as a bridge or a router?

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    I'm new to Untangle, so forgive me if I get this wrong. As I understand it, bridging mode basically works like a network bridge, which requires that both sides of the device are in the same LAN. It sounds like you need a router to handle two different LANs. A UT box with three NICs probably could do the trick: one card for each LAN and one to head out to the Internet.

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