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    Default Install on Windows server 2003

    Will the new Version install on Windows server 2003?
    I could not get any previous versioons to install on either 2003 or vista
    (Yes I know about Vista but I need protection for a vista machine so I cannot install it on the vista system


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    Hi bescher,

    The just release alpha on the next U4W (Untangle4Windows)

    That should work on Vista.
    But there are some extra needs:
    *Vista specific
    **Lanuching the installer on Vista can take up to 2 minutes before any sign is seen that the installer has started.
    **Vista also displays a permission warning in which "allow" must be selected to start the installer. This warning can be hidden under other windows if the user does any other activities while waiting for the installer to start.
    **On each start of Vista; the systray must given permission to start.

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