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    Exclamation UT Box Won't Bot After Upgrade

    UT machine sat idle for months and last week I had to get it going. After successfully configuring static IP the box phoned home and insisted on upgradnig.
    After the upgrade the box will not load the UT interface and is full of errors when loading Linux.
    I have tried restoring to factory defaults several times and it only gets as far the the UT splash screen with "Please wait..." message, but the progress bar never moves and the machine appears hung.

    Here's some of the errors as the OS loads:

    FATAL: Could not create lisen socket for

    TCP: Bind () error: canot assign requested address

    PostgreSQL server failed to start: Please check the log output:
    Log: could not bind IPv4 Socket: cannot assigned requested IP address

    Is another postmaster running on port 5432?
    If not, wait a few seconds and try again

    Starting UVM: (....x)
    Exception in /var/log/uvm/console.log
    Running local boot scripts (/etc/rc.local).

    Init: cannot execute "/etc/init.d/xsession"

    OK, so how can I get this baby back up and running?

    Thanks in advance!


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    Thumbs up Never mind

    The OS was corrupted during the upgrade process and a re-install from an external CD-ROM was required.


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