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    Quote Originally Posted by sky-knight View Post
    I think it's about time we started building a best practices section of the wiki. I hadn't considered the negative aspects of the protocol control module until relatively recently. And this bug would have bit me in the face had the forums not lit up before I upgraded.

    Of course, I always expect this place to light up first and don't roll new versions to be clients for at least a week. But I'm thinking a list of "dos" and "don'ts" would be helpful.

    Stuff like, AV and Spam modules are really heavy and you need to triple check your system requirements.
    Software network interfaces can be bad
    Ram is good
    Firewall module works after NAT
    Packet Filter is fun and dangerous
    No you can't have more racks for free
    No the AV module doesn't replace desktop AV
    The default outgoing no rack policy for SMTP is there for a reason
    The default outgoing no rack policy tends to make firewalling off SMTP not work.
    OpenVPN doesn't support IPSec or PPTP
    Most of RAP is broken and buggy
    The spam module can't quarantine messages while scanning IMAP or POP3
    No we can't make the spam module quarantine messages while scanning IMAP or POP3
    Always backup your configuration before making interface changes.
    SSH is a great tool, but customization of Untangle is to be done at your own risk.

    I'm sure there are more... But it's late, and I'm at 2% battery on my laptop!
    a best practices wiki is a top idea

    it could be broken up into subsections like hardware resources, upgrades, customizations etc.

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    Yeah, and hopefully the items in there aren't written like that list... while I've got the flu, up way too late, and entirely too grumpy! :P
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