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    I've read through some docs but before I spend a lot of time with what looks like could be a great product, can someone tell me if this is possible?

    I do website development in a cloud environment. I have several customers who want a firewall/etc front end. I am thinking of deploying untangle to a cloud machine and have it front end all the traffic setting the client cloud machines to only accept traffic from my machine on a network internal to the cloud. So far I'm 99% sure untangle can do this.

    However, can each customer have a login into untangle to manage their own items? Does untangle allow you to have spam policies/vpn/firewall per "trunk" (in my mind a trunk is a path to a client server with firewall rules, vpn, spam etc)?

    I am also 99% sure that putting a single untangle server in front of every client would accomplish this but I don't want a single instance per client - just 1 instance for all of them.

    Any recommendations would be appreciated.

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    it is not possible to have separate logins and restrict to only sections of untangle admin. You are going to have to have 1 instance for each client to make this happen.

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