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    Default What do you recommend?


    I have got a previous post on a problem but as I am installing into my rack tomorrow - perhaps you can recommend the way forward.

    Firstly I am hosting at a Hosted site - in a rack.

    A IBM x3500 which has 2 interfaces on board = that is teamed for the ESX server.

    I will need VPN access to the rack from outside...

    The ISP are giving me a NAT to each internal machine I need.

    I am configuring the internal network as /
    The network engineer has said that my GW will be

    So Now I have set up my Virtual machine each with their respected Ip.
    eg. Websrv
    TS -

    Now I need to assign the Untangle Virtual machine inteface card or cards?
    and when I do - how should I configure the network?

    Take note - the ISP will NAT to the internal LAN so what is best to do?


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    Your notes are not very clear!

    I understand you would like to use UT in your environment, in your setup

    Your hosted servers at the co-location

    [ (gateway) ] -> [ (UT)] -> [ (ESXI)]

    Configure Untangle to work in transparent bridge mode, the wan interface will be configured with IP address for ex and the other will be connected to ESX server.

    Each virtual machine inside ESXi will get IP address from the same subnet

    1st virtual mechine
    2 virtual mechine and so on ..

    To enable VPN you can use OpenVPN which comes with Untangle, however personalty i use Windows server 2003 to provide VPN access which is very reliable.

    I have setup similar setup for a client, I will be happy to assists you further

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