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    Default Question on blocking MSN and Adding IP white list

    Hello fellow untanglers,

    Could you please help me with the following two questions I have.

    First, I am trying to block MSN messanger via the protocol control. However, I noticed that some users are still able to go through and are not logged. Myself, am blocked so I dont understand why certain users are able to pass the protocol control.


    Is there a way to add a "white ip list" so none of the rules applies to the addresses? Eg, I would like to block via the protocol control certain IP address BUT white list a certain department IP address.

    PS I am using the open source 7.1 untangle

    One last question.

    Is there any way to edit the web filter manage site lists?

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    Most IM traffic is difficult to block since it can always fall back to port 80 and there are configurations of IM clients to tunnel out.

    Policy manager is the best way to manage restrictions by IP.

    You can add your own sites to the web filter. There is no GUI method for editing the web filter category lists.

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