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    Question Couple of Noob questions

    So far, so good with Untangle running on an Atom 330 with 2GB memory. It has no trouble running at full 20mbit/sec and 2.2mbit, but only the firewall and Adblocker are installed. I was VERY happy to see how well all my applications work with it. I didn't need to reconfigure anything anywhere.

    I have managed to deal with most of the configuration issues but still have a few questions for which I can't seem to find answers. Maybe you guys would be kind enough to help me out with some pointers.

    1) On the control panel, there's a "processor load" indicator of some sort. It displays something like "0.30" What is that? There are no units on the window. What's full scale? 100? or 1.00?

    2) I tried to configure DynDNS to send my dynamic IP to OpenDNS. It accepted my account information, but there is no apparent way to determine if it works or not. How does one see a report of its activity?

    3) Remote administration -- I used to use Winproxy on Windows with VNC for remote access. No such luck anymore. How can I access UT from other local computers on my network?

    4) The firewall leaves port 22 and port 443 in a non-stealth state. I can't seem to figure out how to close them. I have no need for accessing anything at all from outside my network, and would greatly prefer every port stealthed.

    5) Do I really need "Intrusion Prevention"? I keep a low profile and have no reason to think (assuming that I can solve #4) that "hackers" are going to be attacking my network.

    6) The browser window that shows the "rack" -- does this need to be open all the time?

    7) Is there any way to get a real-time display of connection status and network activity?

    8) There's a CyberPower UPS on this machine with a USB link. The Cyberpower software is Windows-only. Is there any way to set system behavior, like automatic shutdown, when there's a power failure using this hardware? Even Windows has a generic UPS driver that implements the basics of power management. Is there something similar available for Linux?

    For H/W compatibility, I can confirm that UT works with an old Linksys LNE100TX v1 card (external), Intel Pro 1000T desktop card (internal) and the Jetway Atom 330 board with Intel 945 GMCH and ICH7. Everything runs at default settings. The whole works consumes 28 watts.

    Thanks for reading and any assistance.

    Edit: #2 - Resolved by using OpenDNS Updater client SW on an internal box. Works fine, and eliminates the need for using the updater built into UT (which doesn't work with OpenDNS anyway).

    #1 - I discovered the pop-up when the mouse pointer hovers over the window. I guess that full scale is actually 1.00, although I still haven't found any documentation on it.

    #3 - Solved, once I found that the address on the local browser works just as well on any internal browser.

    #4 - Solved by setting packet filters.
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    Info on load average:

    5) really up to you. I would say majority of our users have it running.
    6) No, typically, I only login when need to administer or check the event logs.
    7) wan failover module
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