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    Default Unable to configure your external interface

    I have been trying to install Untangle for the first time and I am stuck in the setup wizard when it configures the network adapters. When I hit next it said

    You can not remap the inetrface.
    Unable to configure your external interface.

    When I searched online I found a few articles saying it may be a hardware compatibility issue and that the cards are not recognize. This makes sense except for the fact that 1 I am using e1000 intel cards and 2 I am installing Untangle 7.1 on a ESXi 3.5 server. I closed the wizard and tried opening the console but when I click on networking it just tells me the page cannot be displayed. I then went to the command terminal and ran ifconfig but the network adapters were not listed. This same ESXi server does have another OS running that can see and use the adapters so there should be no issues.

    Does anyone have any ideas why untangle cannot see or install the NIC's? Does Untangle not install on ESXi? I figured if it does on VMware workstation and server it should on ESXi. Do I need to reconfigure ESXi? I have found several articles online about installing on ESXi but none seem to be of any help as the have the same instructions I followed and no issue with the adapters in setup.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Try the 7.2 RC2 candidate -- it provides much better support for the Intel PRO/1000 cards.

    --bob in sunny silicon valley

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