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    What I need to know is the following:

    I am able to setup Untangle on a single interface, either wireless or broadband and can get out to the internet. Once I added a second user (myself) in addition to the Admin account I noticed it added a second internal adapter in the network configurations and this adapter did not have an interface. The second adapter also would not allow me to get out to the internet or perform a connectivity or ping test. If I logged off and logged back in as admin I was able to get out to the internet and all connectivity tests worked. The question is... does every user that is added to the server have to be configured on the network independently? Also where did the "Internal interface come from and what adapter should it be using? The machine this was setup on has both a broadband NIC and a wireless adapter but I was only using wireless and had no connection to the NIC. I wrote a technote and would like for you to review it and make any modifications to it where you believe I went wrong. I also have noticed in some or the Forums that there appears to be problems with some of the network adapters not having supporting drivers for Untangle? I am sending screen captures of the network adapters if you would take a look and let me know if they are supported.

    Thank you for your time.

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    Untangle doesn't support wireless... So I'm not sure how that ever worked.
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    If you installed UT on a box with only one NIC, then the box is in Re-router mode. In this mode, UT reroutes all traffic through itself before sending it out to the gateway. You will need to either restore to factory defaults or reinstall if you added another NIC and want the UT to work in router or bridge mode.

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