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    Default Untangle & Vmware


    Here in a nutshell is what I am trying to accomplish.

    We have a firewall product we are very pleased with at this time, what we are looking to do is setup Untangle and use its wonderful spam filtering capabilities with our mail server in a virtual machine.

    I have read the WIKI on setting up untangle as a virtual appliance but am having trouble wrapping my head around the NIC configurations.

    I want Untangle to run at, and I want untangle to simply monitor the e-mail traffic and filter for spam. However the WIKI talks about using two NICs in a production environment and I cant understand why I need to do this?

    Anyone who can help me understand how to configure this would be greatly appreciated.

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    Untangle isn't a mail proxy, nor is it a mail server.

    Untangle is a network appliance that monitors traffic as it passes through it either on layer 2 (bridge configuration) or layer 3 (router configuration).

    If you want to simply use the anti-spam features in front of your mail server. The easy way is to configure Untangle as a bridge. Then, unplug the network cable that goes to your mail server, plug it into the external interface of Untangle, then take a crossover and plug the internal interface of Untangle and plug that into your mail server.

    VMs complicate this process, but logically the installation is exactly the same.
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