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    Default different md5 for each downloads ?

    Hi everyone,

    I was looking for MD5SUMS of untangle_720.iso and untangle_720_amd64.iso to check if the files I have downloaded (from are ok.

    I found (through sourceforge) the file untangle_720_notes.txt, which does not seem to be available on website.

    File content is:
    3f0641a610ac307bf305211bccdce914 untangle_720.iso
    ddc982ee4a0ab3b625e29f2f494faeb8 untangle_720_amd64.iso

    The md5sums of files I have downloaded are:
    D5 (untangle/untangle_720.iso) = 90176f2584e521e9a4798cacd88d3b4e
    MD5 (untangle/untangle_720_amd64.iso) = 669c1a8fb64450558c821a37c4d78cc9

    I have downloaded the files from a sourceforge mirror (freefr). These files md5sums are the same than in untangle_720_notes.txt.

    So, downloading again from give different md5sums again:
    MD5 (untangle_720.iso) = 67fa73281f49da88275f5fefd3a8b3f0
    MD5 (untangle_720_amd64.iso) = 34f42ee903d666ccd01d582f9c9e74bb

    What happens with the downloads from ? What are the correct md5sums ?

    Thanks for your help,

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    If you download the iso from the main website there is some sort of marking that happens that will change the MD5 for each session. If you get the iso from sourceforge this doesn't happen.
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