I been trying for hours to get this to work.

Let me know what is it that I am not doing right or missing here.

Dual core Intel
2GB ram
500GB HD
cable modem
WAP54G with DD-WRT Micro.bin
Windows XP
VM server
Utangle Virtual appliance

Two network cards
One on motherboard 10/100
and one added PCI Netgear 10/100

Step 1: opened the CFG exe
Set on-board Nvidia nic to vnet0 (this is connected to my cable modem)
Set Netgear Nic to vnet2 (this is connected to my WAP)
checked main screen and vnet0 is bridged to Nvidia and vnet2 is bridged to Netgear.

I then start up of appliance and start the wizard and follow the instuctions
all the "test connections" fail. Set as "router with DHCP and finish with the setup..

Per wiki I disabled the TCP/IP of vnet0 device in windows.
and re start the appliance. zip nada can't access the web or download apps
in DHCP I do see my wifi phone showing up, I can connect to WAP
but no internet...........

I read and read the wiki but between the demo and persistent mode
the instructions are not clear since it mix's both... 1 nic vs 2 nics

anyone plz
Can you give me a run down/itutorial what you did to get this to work in non "demo"