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    Thumbs up Completed my first basic install -Thanks !

    I now have the basic Untangle Router, DynDNS service, and OpenVPN Server configuration operating after several causal weeks of project planning starting with the building of a platform based on an AMD Athlon II X3 445 Triple-Core Processor ($84.99 @ NewEgg) . The only indulgent part in my Untangle Router is an Intel EXPI9402PT dual port NIC for the External port and the main internal subnet port. This server also has a DMZ port and another subnet that I have not yet used.

    The past 7 days have been intense for me as I overcame my typos and omissions and reviewed related documentation and forum posts. I transferred a file from work this morning culminating my first install. Achieving this goal has made me a most happy soul.

    I decided to learn more of the networking side through this Untangle build after working many trying years with our customers' IT departments supporting our network based application. I have learned a goodly amount from this project and I have plenty more learning ahead of me especially with the firewall and other free rack applications.

    So this is both an evaluation for future turnkey small business systems (untangle bridge?) and a overkill home project. I previously had bought three, four camera DVRs for home security from Costco and configured them on my D-Link router so that I could remote view them by PC or phone. I will migrate these and my family's PCs next.

    Thanks Untangle & Staff
    Thanks Forum members

    A Humbled,
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    thanks for posting!

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