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    I don't have any direct numbers, all I know is where once was an Exchange 2003 server living as the only VM on an ESXi 4.0 server. There is now an older HP 2u server of some sort with Untangle on it running as a bridge. The Untangle server is in between the interface the Exchange VM uses and the rest of the network, a simple "spliced in" bridge installation.

    We even went as far as to put in a bypass rule structure to configure the Untangle server to only process inbound TCP requests terminating on port 25. This unit quite literally does only Spam filtration.

    The customer reported to me roughly two weeks after installation that the GFI software was no longer catching anything, Untangle was snagging everything, so he pulled the GFI off Exchange to save the load.
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    good to hear experiences like those, if UT can do as good a job, that can save me and others money on products we may not necessarily need, i am always open to try new things and save money that could be spent elsewhere.

    For us we likely wouldn't notice the difference as we only have 9 computer connected to the exchange on a dual core xeon and 4G of ram.
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