There are a number of posts here from people having setup problems. If you are one of them having odd problems doing a new installation of Version 8, it's possible that your ISO became corrupted in the download. I speak from experience - the first time I installed version 7 over a year ago I had at least two bad ISOs from Untangle, due to some bug in Firefox's file download at that time. The installation would run for a while and then terminate, usually near the end, with a very odd error message.

Usually you could detect file corruption using a checksum, but Untangle doesn't post them because they apparently set a six-character ID code unique to each ISO they send so unless they compute a unique checksum at each download which would take some extra compute overhead, you're on your own.

Therefore, the only recourse you have with their ISOs is the file size, which for the V8-x86 ISO directly from Untangle is 468,897,792 bytes. I don't have the 64-bit version.

On the other hand, the V8-x86 ISO from SourceForge is also 468,897,792 bytes but has a consistent MD5 which is:


The SourceForge server runs a whole lot faster than Untangle's so there's little reason to download from Untangle directly.

You can find the SourceForge files here:

and the MD5s are here: