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    Smile Testing Untangle WAN Balancer vs MS TMG

    Hello all,

    I'm new in here and new to Untangle Product.

    I will start by enviornment, requirement and current configuration and solution in mind.

    3 vLANs Servers, Students and Staff.

    WAN Sepration between the 3 vLANs.

    Current Config and Solution in Mind;
    The current senario 2 ISA Microcrap product. Student's proxy configured as cache only with single nic that sets in the Servers vLAN. It's IP Address redirected via Nortel Application Switch where two ISPs hocked to these appliances to one of the ISPs.

    Staff Proxy conifgured with two NICs, External and Internal as Proxy+Firewall+Cache. It's External IP from the DMZ network that's configured on the Checkpoint Firewall at the edge of the network.

    Internet usage is trouble and gives lots of issue when lots of students and staff surfing the net.

    I thought bulding an array of ISA NLB and separate the Traffic source of the Two vLANs to each WAN, but ISA doesn't support due to limitation of the product.

    I read that TMG support WAN Balacing and by tricky way I can seperate the Source vLAN Traffic to seperate WAN Interface, when I configured it I don't believe it's working correctly due to the Windows Limitation when it comes to the TCP/IP Stack Layer.

    Now, Untangle can seperate the vLANs to the proper WAN Interface. But does it work the same as TMG?

    I mean, in TMG I configure it with three NICs. One Internal and two External from each DMZ "as Back-to-Back Firewall" It's IP Address on the server vLAN and I put Static Route for each vLANs Staff and Student.

    Does untangle works the same way as TMG? or I can have each vLAN in it's seperate NIC mand configure this NIC to go via the proper WAN Interface?

    Solution in mind:
    To seperate each vLAN to go via seperate External NIC on different Subnet from DMZ.
    To have each ISP works as Failover, in case one ISP faile, all the traffic generating from all internal vLANs goes via the live ISP.
    To have the Untangle as back-end firewall/cache/URL Filttering/all-the-web-security-features
    To publish internal some of the internal web servers/OWA.

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