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    I installed untangle on a PC with only 1 NIC card. I was hoping to set it up as a http content filter. However as soon as I finished the base install setup our whole network was brought offline. It would appear all traffic was somehow (arp?) being redirected to the untangle box.

    How come this happened? and is it possible not to do this? I would like to manually direct traffic to go through the box via proxy settings on the clients. FYI How is this possible/what is the proxy port?

    Any help would be great.
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    Untangle is not a proxy, it is an inline device. Traffic MUST FLOW THROUGH IT, if you want it filtered. If you installed it with a single network interface, it installs what is called "re-router mode". Re-router uses ARP subversion tactics to do exactly what you describe. It doesn't always work...

    I suggest you install a second interface, reinstall, and use a bridge.

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