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    Cool Installing on iMac Need Bootloader??

    Hello I'm new to this site so go easy on me Ha Ha HA,

    What I'd like to do is install this on a iMac 20inch Intel with a 320Gig HD with 4gig's of ram. The issue is that during the install it get's to the point of installing the Bootloader it fails and I can't go any further. I can't find anywhere on the site about installing this on a mac so I was hopping someone here could shed some light for me.


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    possibly a bad iso. try reburning the disk at a lower speed.
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    I thought many have tried to load on a Mac Mini and you need a special boot loader for the EFI based BIOs. I have 5 macs in my home network with a dedicated Untangle server in bridge mode. Why would you load Untangle on an iMac? Are you trying reroute mode? I could see loading UT on a Mac Mini if you could get dual nics to work with it, but not an iMac.

    I would build your own server on a dual core Atom or look at one of these for a home network.

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    This will be more trouble than it's worth. And doesn't the iMac only have a single NIC?

    If you really want to do this I'd google for debian efi install.

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