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    Default IPCop convert -- Email issue

    I just moved from IPCop to Untangle. Lots of things I like, but something very strange is happening and I could use guidance on where and how to look to troubleshoot it.

    I have installed the latest free version in router mode, with the basic apps, and for some reason my ISP is saying I'm sending a HUGE amount of email. I've scanned every system in the house for malware/trojans/viruses, etc., with two different live cds, and found NOTHING.

    What I notice when I turn on spam blocker and enable SMTP scanning is in the Tarpit log are page after page of blocked messages all showing as coming from my public IP, but not showing from a client behind the network.

    Is there any way to find out more information than this log gives in the GUI? I haven't figured out ssh access yet, but is there a corresponding log that will tell me what client may be sending these, or is this something that actually is coming from the firewall itself?

    I've read a number of forum entries but haven't seen anything like this. Apologies if I missed it.


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    just set up a Firewall rule:

    Action: Block
    Log: Yes
    Traffic Type: TCP & UDP
    Source Interface: any
    Destination Interface: External
    Source Address: any
    Dest Address: any
    Source Port: any
    Dest Port: 25

    then check the event log

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    Also, try going back to the default settings of spam blocker.

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