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    Default Untangle and Multi-Wan Router

    Finally, it has been decided that we subscribe to an additional ISP for failover / load balancing. HOWEVER, for load failover / balancing it has been decided to get a separate router for this ( i hope you understand, we are small school and would like to do away with the monthly recurring cost :-) ).

    At any rate, what would be the best configuration for the untangle box, i was thinking along this line:

    ISP 1 Modem 1------ROUTER------ UT BOX ------ LAN
    ISP 2 Modem 2---------|

    Does this mean that the UT BOX would be configured in bridge mode ( letting the ROUTER do all the port forwarding, NAT, etc.)?

    Notes ( if relevant) : ISP 1 is configured with a static IP address, and ISP 2 has a dynamic IP address.


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    Yes, you've already got it figured out. UT should be a bridge in that configuration.

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