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    Default Workgroup usage as a Router

    I have small workgroup ( home ) with 5 pc setup ..
    I have ADSL modem which connect thru basic Router with DHCP Enable but issue with Router not with web Fliter & other fecture ..
    My friend give idea to untangle able to do this .. now i go for setup it ..
    Anyone Guide me ..
    I have pc with 2 lan card ... i needs to replace Router to use this pc with untangle AS Router ..
    how to setup it ?

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    Untangle will work great for what you want, but you can't expect people to re-type the documentation into a forum post. However I'll get you started:

    Download the install CD .iso ( and burn it to a disc. Also download and print the provided installation guide (

    Connect the PC in place of the router (yes, internet will now be down until you have Untangle going).

    Install Untangle. When the setup wizard runs, configure it in Router mode. Make sure you enable DHCP & DNS.

    Once that is done, your Untangle box will be doing everything that your old router did. Then you can proceed with adding additional features. Everything is documented in the wiki:
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    Default Router mode

    Dear jonson

    thx for support .. i m new with untangle so how to take in Router mode that's not get from any whare .. other All steps done with no issue .. now can u pl. tell me how to do it ..

    also one 2 Lan card how to setup this with internet In & internet Out for other users ..

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