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    Arrow Multiple offices - Suggestions?

    Hello Everyone,
    Within the next two months I will be assisting a company in completely renovating their network. I'm really pushing for untangle because I use it for my business and at home, I love it. It's so easy with gui, wizards, setup and customization. It would really benefit the company.

    Here's what I know about the company:
    •There are 8 different offices.
    •Each office has data scattered everywhere within their 10 to 20 workgroup computers.
    •They all transfer data between each other through an entire 24 hours.
    •Each station literally has a different method of protection and remote control.
    •They all want to switch their traditional PBX system to VoIP.
    •Also the corporate office wants to keep the network and offices unison.
    •All offices have a T1 connection and a 50MB download takes 10 to 20 minutes when only 5 out of 20 stations are actively online.
    •Computers are not actively maintained (30% to 70% fragged disk space, 500 to 700 registry errors every 2 out of 5 machines).

    Now, here's what will roll out:
    •An active directory solution for user and computer management (because of costs and licensing we may go to an open source solution ).
    •Lite version of Untangle – we just need the basics for right now; May grow after we implement.
    oProbably purchase WAN Balancer, Bandwidth Control and Web Cache.
    •Desktop management solution installed at individual locations.
    •VoIP – Probably TalkSwitch but what do you know about Cisco small business series?

    Any suggestions or tweaks that we could use for OpenVPN site-to-site? VoIP systems you’ve used or heard about?

    TalkSwitch is so simple and integratable in the network but never really dealt with Cisco’s. We want a simple VoIP solution.

    Any other suggestions?
    Ryan-Anthony Franklin
    President/CEO - Franklin Enterprises

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    Desktop management solution installed at individual locations.

    just use windows remote desktop if you need remote access, easiest.

    as for phone system, install Elastix or trixbox, likely cheaper then any Cisco set up or most any other for that matter
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