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    Default Bad Install ? Help!

    Hi there im new to untangle and wanting to try it out as a web proxy to block bad sites and such but here's my problem and I don't know what to do and since this is my first try at this I want to give it a go before I try something else and say its rubbish.

    Install untangle box and it gets a little bit of the loading done and then just stops If i press escape it it says checking root system but just hangs on it?

    Do I need another copy or what is wrong with it?
    I want to try it out as a web filter.

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    Welcome to the Untangle forums.

    Untangle is not a proxy, it's an inline device. You can't use it as a proxy, it doesn't think like a proxy, it simply isn't a proxy. If you need a proxy, you've found the wrong product.

    My box hangs at the same point randomly. I think it's a compatibility issue with the mainboard's sata controller. It may be a bad hard disk as well. Check your system bios and see if you can switch your SATA controller into IDE emulation mode. AHCI, and RAID modes cause issues on most hardware.
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    I can confirm sky-knight's suggestion about switching to IDE emulation mode. I had the same problem until I turned that on during the install. After the install, I could turn it back and it would work fine. Must be something to do with how UT installs.

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