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    Quote Originally Posted by dmorris View Post
    we're working on a different flow that won't involve branded ISOs.

    So, does that mean that in the future there will be a verification mechanism?

    I applaud the effort to forgo the branded ISO's!!, but without a verification mechanism, aren't we essentially back to square one?

    As always, keep up the good work!!


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    Quote Originally Posted by dmorris View Post
    From the download page: "If you experience problems with the download try another mirror."

    You don't KNOW you have a bad .iso, and thanks to the lack of a checksum, you have no way to check it!

    And it's not an ISP problem either. (My ISP has its faults, but the quality of the connection isn't one of them.) I can tell you one scenario that bit me in the butt quite a few times before I figured it out: Firefox downloading via http to a networked drive. I have no idea why it happened, but it did (and still may, but I don't even try it anymore). It would chop off a K or three from the end of the file. Same file downloaded to a local drive would be fine.

    Know how I figured it out? It was thanks to Technet. Their download manager works only with IE. FF downloads their images using http. When I got a bad image from them, I tested it and of course, the checksum didn't match. Tried again, another bad image, different checksum. Tried IE/DLM, good image. What the heck....? The download manager refuses to let you download to a networked drive, BTW. So I went back to FF and tried again to a local drive and waalaa, good checksum. One more verification to a network drive, and another bad file. I'd saved them all and discovered that they all had different lengths, differing by a few hundred bytes. In all the times using IE and the download manager from Technet, it has never once had to repair a file, either. And, it automatically runs the checksum on the file before it declares the download complete. Guess MS thinks that's a good idea.

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