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    Default OpenVPN with SonicWall Static Routes

    I have a network with a SonicWall router. There are two local networks that the SonicWall handles. Network1 210.3.32.x/24 and Network2 - My SonicWall has static routes enabled to allow local traffic to pass between both networks.

    Recently I added Untangle in bridged mode. I have added Open VPN and the remote users can connect and ping resources on the 210.3.32.x/24 network.

    I need help configuring things so that remote users can access the network

    I tried adding the network to the Exported Hosts and networks but that didn't help.

    Any Ideas?

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    it's not going to work like that, at least not through OpenVPN.
    you could replace the Sonicwall with the Untangle =)

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