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    Question bloqued at the 4th step: internal network


    I just found out recently untangle and install it on a machine to make my future firewall,

    so I download untangle_900_x64.iso, and I burned a cd,

    I started on one machine and everything worked nickel.

    I have only one problem on the configuration, when I get to step 4, "internal network", where i must choose between router mode and transparant bridge mode , I do not know what to choose!

    In fact, I have a Cisco router connected to a dedicated line,
    so, in addition to the router, i have a DNS server in debian which is also the dhcp and has the role of LAN's gateway to the esterieur (the network of internet).

    the router and DNS server are connected to the same switch, I mean that I have no DMZ.

    I-so, at what level do I need to untangle the machine pacer?

    1 - between the router and DNS server: i meen that, the untangle machine should have 2 network interfaces, one interface will be connected to the router, the other to a switch which is connected to the dns?


    2 - between the router and DNS server: an interface will be connected to the router directly and the other to the dns server interface whitch have a public address?

    or else

    3 - directly both interfaces on the same switch as the dns, so one interface will have a local address, the other a public address.?

    which of these proposals is right?

    II-what I have to choose between router or bridge mode is transparent?
    if you advise me the router mode, what should I write in the boxes "internal address" and "subnet mask"?

    Thank you for your answers

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    if you want bridge mode the best place is between the router and the main switch. you can give Untangle an unused IP in your subnet and traffic should flow across it.

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