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    I had to use our in house demo untangle box to replace one out in the field, so had to put another one together for our office demo. I took the opportunity to install version 9. I got the demo license transferred successfully, but I have no install option on any Apps in the App tab.

    Clicking on each app and selecting trial installs the Apps and it picks up on the license. It was a little annoying to do it that way but it worked. My problem is that I have no way to install the branding manager, since there is no trial option for it and I have no install link in the App tab, it only gives me the option to buy. The license for it is showing up on the system, just no way to install it?

    Did something get messed up on my install? Or is this just something that was changed in version 9? Someone did not think something through all the way, or I am completely missing something...

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    On the bottom left of the admin interface there is a my account button, from there log into your store account. You'll have your subscriptions listed inside a box inside the admin GUI. Go look at your subscriptions, select the right one, and hit the reinstall button.
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