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    Default The window is in a frame but is not ON-GUI with an Untangle box.

    "The window is in a frame but is not ON-GUI with an Untangle box. The untangle store link may be blocked by your browsers security settings."

    I got this error while attempting to download and install an app remotely. I did not have the luxury of going on to the actual box as it is several hundred miles away (hence the remote administration). I just wanted to let people know how I solved my issue.

    It seems, one of my browser (FF nighly) security features that I enabled came back to bite me. I do not except "third-party" cookies. After I re-enabled this, the error went away and I was able to remotely download and install the app. I have gone back and looked at what cookie I need to accept. I have since added it to my very limited list of acceptable cookies. It is a cookie from:

    Hope this helps out at least one person.
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