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Thread: Upgrade issue

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    Default Upgrade issue


    Been running Untangle for awhile now, I have it set to do auto update when a new upgrade comes out.

    I'm not able to access the for the Administration client I'm getting the following message:

    Any thoughts, or do I maybe have a hung up upgrade? Looks like it's been stuck since last night.

    Upgrade in progress. Do not reboot or power off the server!
    Setting up untangle-node-cpd (9.0.1~svn20110627r29113release9.0-1lenny) ...
    * Reloading web server config apache2  [ OK ]
    Setting up untangle-libitem-cpd (9.0.1~svn20101208r28039release9.0-1lenny) ...
    Setting up untangle-node-firewall (9.0.1~svn20110627r29113release9.0-1lenny) ...
    Setting up untangle-libitem-firewall (9.0.1~svn20101208r28039release9.0-1lenny) ...
    Setting up untangle-node-ips (9.0.1~svn20110627r29113release9.0-1lenny) ...
    Setting up untangle-libitem-ips (9.0.1~svn20101208r28039release9.0-1lenny) ...
    Setting up untangle-shield (9.0.1~svn20110218r28528release9.0-1lenny) ...
    Setting up untangle-node-shield (9.0.1~svn20110627r29113release9.0-1lenny) ...
    Setting up untangle-libitem-shield (9.0.1~svn20101208r28039release9.0-1lenny) ...
    Setting up untangle-node-spyware (9.0.1~svn20110627r29113release9.0-1lenny) ...
    * Reloading web server config apache2  [ OK ]
    Setting up untangle-libitem-spyware (9.0.1~svn20101208r28039release9.0-1lenny) ...
    Setting up untangle-node-webfilter (9.0.1~svn20110627r29113release9.0-1lenny) ...
    Setting up untangle-libitem-webfilter (9.0.1~svn20101208r28039release9.0-1lenny) ...
    Setting up untangle-node-protofilter (9.0.1~svn20110627r29113release9.0-1lenny) ...
    Setting up untangle-libitem-protofilter (9.0.1~svn20101208r28039release9.0-1lenny) ...
    Setting up spamassassin (3.2.5-2+lenny3) ...
    Starting SpamAssassin Mail Filter Daemon: /usr/bin/perl already running.
    Setting up untangle-fuzzyocr (1:2.3b+9.0.1~svn20100215r25791release9.0-1lenny) ...
    Reloading SpamAssassin Mail Filter Daemon: spamd.
    Setting up untangle-spamassassin-update (9.0.1~svn20101202r27969release9.0-1lenny) ...
    No packages found matching untangle-spamassassin.
    Customizing HW-related settings for spamassassin
    8 children
    [6338] info: generic: base extraction starting. this can take a while...
    [6338] info: generic: extracting from rules of type body_0
    0% [ ] 0.00 rules/sec --m--s LEFT 0% [=========================== ] 0.29 rules/sec 38m52s LEFT 100% [==========================================================================] 471.60 rules/sec 00m03s DONE

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    I would drop to the terminal and run 'uptime'

    Usually this happens when its already been rebooted during the upgrade.
    What you are seeing is the end of the log file.

    If so, You can usually open the recovery utilities and resume the upgrade.
    That may or may not fix it.
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