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    Default Odd Load issue after upgrade to 9

    After the 9 upgrade recently, I've noticed the system load spiking up very very high (just 5 minutes ago, the load reached 600.00). Via console, it shows no heavy CPU usage (7%), or disk I/O issues. The system is still using physical ram, no swap.

    I have done some very minor changes to the startup apps, specifically installing lcd4linux, as the chasis has a nifty LCD, which is how I monitor network throughput as well as the 1 minute load avg.

    This might possibly be related, I've noticed after the last 8.x update, that kacpid sits at 100% CPU (1 CPU thread). Nothing I've been able to do has caused that to change, other than completely disabling acpi, which breaks everything.

    The only thing I can think of, which seems to match when the issue occurs is when someone is watching youtube, or when the UDP sessions are higher than normal (avg is 50-60, load spikes show UDP at about 200-300), though the load hitting 600 was when nobody in the house was watching anything.

    Hardware is a Intel D945GCLF2 with a dualcore Atom 330. Extra network interfaces are via a PCI/PCI-X Intel 82546EB dualport NIC. There is 2GB of DDR2 ram, and a 80gig 2.5HD 5400RPM drive.

    Installed Apps are:
    Policy Manager (Kids get one profile, adults get another)
    WebFilter Lite
    VirusBlocker (Web/FTP only, nobody uses POP3/IMAP4 in the house)
    I have AttackBlocker and Intrusion Prevention installed, but disabled currently.

    At any one time, there are 4-5 computers, plus the VOIP and Cellphone femtocell running, and an iPad and iPod Touch, plus the cellphones (VOIP and Femtocell are running in bypass mode, with QoS set to Highest)

    I have another system which does not have any of these issues, running the above apps other than webfilter lite,spyware blocker, and Policy Manager, with Intrusion Prevention and Attack Blocker enabled, as well as Spam Filter, though this system is a quadcore xeon with 8gig ram.

    Thanks for any suggestions, or input, or facepalms!

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    A load of 600?! Where are you reading that? I'm doubtful with a real load of 600 that you'd even be able to run top or get a readout of the load.

    kacpid spinning isn't helping obviously, but that should only add a load of 1.
    Thats power related. I'd try different BIOS settings for power management.
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    I was able to get that through top right as it started going back down, which is usually 2-3 minutes after it starts. And yes, while everyone is offline (other than a few irc and ssh sessions open by me), load sits at 1.

    I'll reload the optimal settings on the bios once I get a replacement fan for the CPU. The only adjustment I remember making was (other than disabling onboard audio) adjusting some of the power options and fan control, as the CPU fan was horridly loud.

    But, just now, the load hit about 12, and as soon as I was able to SSH in, I was able to see that it was about 27% User, 32% sys, with kacpi at 100% and Java at 197%, which leaves 1 thread free.

    But, I am rather confused about this. Generally I see this happening on systems with the disks being thrashed or a http based ddos causing apache to spawn thousands of procs and so.

    I will try, however, disabling certain apps, see if the problem persists. Very well might be an issue with my setup and something there.

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