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    Default Untangle on a router running OpenWRT or DD-WRT?

    Is it possible to install Untangle on a router running OpenWRT or DD-wrt? I just picked up a Buffalo WSR-HP-AG300H and would like to be able to run Untangle on it. If not Untangle, could it run pfSense, monowall, smoothwall or the like?

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    No, no, and let me say that again... no.

    Those devices aren't i386 processors, they are a completely different architecture. Not to mention it doesn't have near the storage, cpu power, or ram required.
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    Just buy yourself an old computer, schools surplus will have them,, to name a few have them as well, there all around $100 for a P4 processor. Just make sure it has an expansion slot for a Secondary nic Then buy a secondary network card to stick in them $10-20 and your set to go. try to look for one with No OS it might be cheaper and your not going to use the OS that comes with it anyways.

    I am trying to find a netbook or nettop computer that has dual nics, that would be perfect for an Untangle box for the home. Small, quiet, very little power usage. and powerful enough to run untangle in a home environment.
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