I have been using untangle since version 7.2 or 7.3 I believe, and have enjoyed it so far. This weekend I finally ran into an issue though and require some assistance.

I had the hdd fail on my current system, so found a spare hdd laying around and installed. Downloaded the latest iso from website (9.x). When I get into the installation, and it is performing the partitioning, this is where I run into issues. It keeps locking up (I notice that the keyboard lights will flash on/off when this happens and they keep flashing). I have left it alone for a few hours (had to run errands) and still no progress. Tried two other known good hdd. Downloaded iso again and burnt two more cds. Still no luck. I also tried going into Advanced mode and selecting multiple different formatting options with no luck.

I am looking for advice on where to go from here, so I can get it back up and running. This is just for my home/personal use, so I was able to just flip the wap back over to a router and get everything working again, but would like to get my untangle back up and running.

Processor: AMD Athlon 2600+
Memory: 2-4gig (can't remember at work)
HDD: 80gig