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    Default Untangle's Deffinition of PC

    I couldn't find any information of this,
    I am thinking about to move up to some paid apps for Untangle, but I am wondering what Untangle's definition of the PC is. I know when I installed Untangle it asked how many PCs I have and it clarified to be anything run windows, linux, mac.
    If it is just those OS then I think I am fine with 1-10. But I also have network printers, Gaming consoles, Network tuners, Blu-Ray players, Mobile devices (itouchs iphones). that all access the internet. And I would differently need to go the the 11-50 class if those devices count.

    I guess since I am here I was also wondering
    What happens when you go over your limit of devices?
    Does devices with multiple nic count as two (such as a laptop that has been hardwired with the WIFI is still connected?
    I am assuming Virtual PCs count as well?


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    A PC is any device that can benefit from Untangle's protective qualities.

    Untangle doesn't count printers, but they do count game consoles.

    My rule of thumb? Does the thing have a web browser? If it has one, I count it.

    Finally, Untangle doesn't have user level enforcement, so you're on your honor there.

    A multi-homed device is still only 1 device, so don't worry about two interfaces. This situation is one of the reasons why Untangle doesn't have per user controls... they break things for no good reason. Like a laptop burning two nodes on a Sonicwall because it's connected twice... always pisses me off.
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    Thanks that clears things up.

    I guess it is the 11-50 class for me.

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