Hi we are testing an installation
The setup
Is Internet untangle ( Which is Fab) Active directory domain server network
We are now testing connecting an independant wireless network to the captive portal which appears to work well.

The issue is we are getting authentication on the captive portal login from the active directory connector. This is working now but we had to create a secondary connection on the domain server at as the connection on was blocking the untangle server from reading the active directory.

This I think has something to do with the way untangle uses a spoofing IP address technique for monitoring the network. The domain server is always popping up with a duplicate IP address on network message.

The issue is that the windows computers connected to the AD domain cannot now resolve some DNS or do a network browse it seems to be intermittent and is stopping test users form being able to see their roaming My documents

The concept is working well we just need to fix this last issue

Many Thanks for any help