I recently had the joy of reinstalling UT. It ran though the installation just fine but when it got to the configuration part I ran into a possible bug. It asks me for my external interface settings and I change it to static and enter in the details, save and continue on. However when UT was fully up and running I had no internet connection so I checked my external interface settings and it was set back to DHCP. Changed that to static and put in all my info and all was fine. I then decided to test this further so I ran though the install again. Got to the external interface settings page and set to static and entered in the data. I clicked on test and the test failed. When I clicked on ok I noticed the settings were back to DHCP. It seems during the initial setup it does not want to save this setting as no matter what I try it will go back to the default of DHCP. Once setup is complete I am able to change it and it will save.