Hi all,

I have a bit of a situation here - in fact, I'm trying out Untangle as a possible option for logging and monitoring access to a public internet point in our company. What I want to achieve is a logging of each URL visited by any person using any of the desktops in a testlab.

To do so, I figured out I need the following apps:
- Captive Portal - in order to individualise each session
- Directory Connector - in order to be able to identify the person logged on versus the local database of Untangle
- Webfilter - in order to document which URLs are being visited
- Reports - in order to be able to visualise the combination of the above

Now, it seems to me that there is a certain sequence in which these need to be installed otherwise the reports don't show the individuals in the 'user section'.

I tried a number of sequences and was able to create one which was working (as a result I saw which user connected to which URL via which IP) but I can't seem to recreate my steps (which I need to document the install process of this software).

Can anybody please help by clarifying the dependencies of each application on the other to be able to accomplish full accountability of each logged in user?

Thanks in advance,