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    Default Spyware blocker from slickeals forum links

    Sorry if this is in the wrong section, this is my first post. I just recently setup my first untangle router and it went pretty smooth. However I have one small issue that stands out. Whenever I am on slickdeals (I have yet to run across this same issue, and I browse a lot of forums) and click on a link to a deal in the forum, half the time the spyware blocker pops up and blocks the site. Now it is not blocking the actual link (ala bestbuy or amazon), but some sort of middle man link that does not show in the URL and I can only assume it part of the slickdeals redirect process. This is one I came across today. Can anyone provide any input as to if this is a common issue, or should I just ignore it, or maybe even whitelist slickdeals?


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    Just check the event log and see whats being blocked and add it to the passlist.
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