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    Quote Originally Posted by sky-knight View Post
    Just being specific, I'm not sure. I've got FF8 on this unit and my quarantine is working fine. 9.0.2 32bit here. I'm using a 32bit version of Firefox, on Win7 ultimate 64bit.

    Have you tried a different machine? Perhaps you have an issue with that box.
    You have a point.. I've tried from my normal computers, My desktop and the domain server, both were giving me the same issue.

    I find it interesting, I did as you suggested, another computer, running IE7 and it's queue up fine (58MB?? Are you kidding?).

    Time to go back and bash on my box it would seem, as it's NOT the UT.

    ETA: Ok, changed nothing, I can now see the queue on my FF8.0 install.. weird. I now wonder if I had a bad message that was causing a issue. I did a report scan,.. and there is a message listed as OVER SIZE, not pass, block or Quarantined. So that could very well have been the issue. It just couldn't load that data.
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    oversize just means it didn't scan the message because it was larger than 150k.
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