So we have a client with an Untangle install and the default partitioning caused a log rotation issue. The default parts have / with 80GB and throws whatever is left (hundreds of GB in this case) on /data. So while log rotation can mitigate this issue, we really want to build it smarter to avoid issues in the future.

We have a fresh 1TB drive we want to migrate to it. Anytime I try to do a custom install with an Untangle disk, or if I build my own parts, and rsync the data from the current disk, I can't get it to boot untangle. We've chrooted many times by hand and taken steps that work fine with CentOS for example. I can only get Untangle to boot fully when I let it setup the parts.

I can't think we are the only folks who want to have control of how the disk is sliced up. Has anyone else run into problems customizing your parts, and getting Untangle to boot?