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    Default Untangle integration with cPanel

    Hi. I don't know much about cPanel.

    I'm thinking of upgrading my current hosting platform to cPanel. I would love to be able to integrate Untangle with cPanel as I think it would be far better than what cPanel offers.

    Has anybody done this, or have any information about it? I figure Untangle would be an upstream filter. I've been looking all over for information about someone who has done this. At worst I figure I'll just let Untangle handle the quarantine and spam filtering and then I would hope that I can just "lock out" or hide any settings concerning spam in cPanel.

    But, at best, I'm wondering if someone might have gone so far as to actually integrate the two products somehow so that the end user has some control from within cPanel.

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    the only thing that cross my mind is WTF?

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    I been running Cpanel Servers for over 10 years. All you need is Chripy's MailScanner and then get his Firewall package. Works awesome..No need for untangle for a cpanel server.

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    Yeah, this won't be possible. Untangle is a standalone device, requiring its own server (physical/virtual/cloud), and can't be just "integrated" into other devices/services. We install an OS during setup, for example.

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