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    Default Internal HTTPS admin problem after upgrade

    I've just updated to 9.3 and internal HTTPS administration seems to have stopped working.

    I just get an error page now with:

    https://[UT IP]/

    Server Error
    403 - Forbidden: Access is denied.
    You do not have permission to view this directory or page using the credentials that you supplied.

    I've tried checking and saving some of the external admin settings to see if that would 'refresh' the internal HTTPS setting with no success.

    /var/log/messages has lots of...whatever this is in it:

    Aug 29 16:59:28 localhost ...cc8c","com.untangle.uvm.node.GenericRule@472d86","com.untangle.uvm.node.GenericRule@fdeeec","com.untangle.uvm.node.GenericRule@150fcc7","com.untangle.uvm.node.GenericRule@38202","com.untangle.uvm.node.GenericRule@4c535d","com.untangle.uvm.node.GenericRule@f4ffd8","com.untangle.uvm.node.GenericRule@c8efa2","com.untangle.uvm.node.GenericRule@1ecb094","com.untangle.uvm.node.GenericRule@3cdf2d","com.untangle.uvm.node.GenericRule@604106","com.untangle.uvm.node.GenericRule@14d2465","com.untangle.uvm.node.GenericRule@19099ec","com.untangle.uvm.node.GenericRule@696003","com.untangle.uvm.node.GenericRule@1e8a18","com.untangle.uvm.node.GenericRule@fc6e58","com.untangle.uvm.node.GenericRule@b056fd","com.untangle.uvm.node.GenericRule@11f0fe3","com.untangle.uvm.node.GenericRule@4c01ae","com.untangle.uvm.node.GenericRule@27e0d","com.untangle.uvm.node.GenericRule@1a1c1f5","com.untangle.uvm.node.GenericRule@c4bca9","com.untangle.uvm.node.GenericRule@3e0d14","com.untangle.uvm.node.GenericRule@1ccad9c"],"version": 1}

    No error messages that I could see. Where would be the places to check for the internal HTTPS administration settings?

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    If you moved HTTPS to an alternative port, you need to use that port.

    In 9.3 port 443 is no longer reserved on non-WAN interfaces for administration if you move HTTPS to another port. The HTTPS port settings is global. If you're user its on 443, I'd just contact support using the tab on the right hand side.
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    You are exactly right. I had moved the port to avoid a conflict with our Windows Small Business Server remote services.

    I would ask if it's possible to add a checkbox for the old behavior, but that's a bit lazy to save typing a colon and four numbers

    Many thanks for your help.

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