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    Default Please Advise

    I just install a new untangle lite in a new client.
    Only anti spam, anti virus, anti pish , and only is conectected in the lan side 1 mail server.
    The whole network is behind a big proxy and all http and https request must be redirected to this proxy, and untangle cant setup the wan interface to use a proxy.
    All work right, smtp, pop3 and web mail from outside.
    The only concern I have is the update of the signatures of av, antispam, antipish, and the upgrate when the 9.4 be published.

    Can we know the urlīs, ipīs and ports in Untangle farm to ask the administrator of the upstream proxy the by pass rules needed?

    Thanks in advance
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    Theres no good answer here, Untangle requires a connection to the internet.

    You could hack it by using OpenVPN to connect to an OpenVPN via full tunnel occasionally to download updates, but I can't guarantee you won't run into other issues.
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