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    Default licensing question...


    We are budgeting to buy into UT for this fall for our business. I want certain features so we can filter/block out content from those using our public wifi.

    I have about 40 IPs (PCs, phone, tablets) that will benefit from UT but am unsure about the public wifi and how this works with the license breaks.

    Say I get 11-50 license but then 15 (plus my 40 static static IPs) use the wifi on at a given time. What happens when IP #51 tries to use the intertubes thru the UT? Are they denied, ignored from protection or it it a bit of a "honor" system...or do we ignore the public using our wifi on a different subnet? I see a few posts on here that some say "guests" don't count!

    Need some guidance for budgeting for the unknown!

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    You will need to use bypass rules for devices you don't want counted.
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