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    How this can be done in conjunction with existing network layout?
    I have Core Switch where all the vLANs are defined including
    Global Static route defined in goes via the VIP of the Clustered CheckPoint Firewalls.

    External: directly from the DMZ Network "One of the inside Network of CheckPoint"
    Internal: This vLAN defined into the Core Switch.
    WiFI Clients vLAN: this vLAN defined into the Core Switch directly.

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    I'm not really sure how you expect anyone to be able to help you without a good depiction of your network layout. Right now you are just saying, 'it doesn't work the way I expect' without divulging any details of the network layout.

    You are not understanding that untangle only works INLINE. You can't plug it into a switch and expect it to just work if you don't understand the basics.

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