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    Default Untangle 10 Hyper-V Support

    I've been running Untangle on Hyper-V for a few years with no problems. Ofcourse, the network adapters show "disconnected" even when they work. And you have to use legacy network adapters.

    Ofcourse, knowing that Hyper-V support is native to modern Linux distributions I was excited for the announcement of Untangle version 10 and was even more excited to finally install it on Hyper-V with full native network card support and other features of Hyper-V.

    Unfortunately, to my disappointment it still doesn't support Hyper-V.

    In this day and age, and with the fact the support is built in to modern Linux kernels, why is Untangle v10 still not supporting Hyper-V? This is very disappointing as it presents significant challenges.

    My latest installation of v10 on Hyper-V only allows me to push less than 20Mbps through the network adapters even though I have over 200Mbps of bandwith available outside of the Untangle VM.

    Has anybody experimented with just enabling the Hyper-V drivers in Untangle v10 or have instructions how to?

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    *Bumping an old thread*

    It appears that the v2.6 branch (2.6.32-5-Untangle) that Untangle uses doesn't actually have any provisions for Hyper-V. I've built the modules on another box w/ the full 2.6.32 kernel, and tried copying them over.

    It doesn't work.

    The Untangle appliance (UVM?) fails to load. Not sure if that's by design with regards of hardening the system, or if there's something else going on.

    Though it's all kinda irrelevant now, with v11 at beta...

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    It should work fine with v11. But you're right it doesn't work in v10. Microsoft only provides a very small set of support for Debian, and a good chunk of it requires another kernel. Untangle uses a custom kernel so it's a no go.

    However, that being said wheezy has support for the new NICs out of the box. (I Think) If not I'm pretty sure it can have the upgrades installed in it. If I wasn't getting ready for a huge server move tomorrow I'd go test it, I forgot about Hyper-V when I was playing with it last week.
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