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    Default Server2008 AD + Untangled

    Ok so im new to server 2008, ive managed to get Server 2008 + my domain all setup (took a while but with youtube/technet i got there)

    now i need to use untangled as some of my workers have been caught streaming movies / facebook etc, now ive installed untangled and got it all setup and working,

    what i want to know is, do i point the server default gateway / client gateway to untangled box ?

    interner >
    server >
    untangled >

    and im assuming my route will go be

    internet connection > untangled box
    untangled > server
    client > server > untangled > internet ?

    thanks for the support,

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    | (untangle wan interface)
    Untangle in bridge mode
    Main switch------- Server 2008
    All of your network must be the default gateway of all your network
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