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    Default Installing NG on Dell Dimension 2400

    I pulled out a lot of hair over this one, so I'm posting it for the benefit of anyone else who, like me, really doesn't have any hair to spare. Trying to boot even the Untangle installation CD on a Dell Dimension 2400 results in an "undefined video mode number 317" error, and nothing you choose at that point will result in a usable boot. Here's how I worked around the problem. This should work for anything up to at least v11.

    First, be sure the onboard graphics card is set to 8MB memory in BIOS. Won't work at all otherwise.

    At the install CD's grub prompt, select the text installer and edit that entry. Find "vga=791" and change it to "vga=normal". Then boot and run through the installation.

    On reboot, again at the grub prompt, edit the default boot line and make the same change. The system should boot and give you 1024x768 resolution, which is good enough to get the essential configuration done. As a side note, the ethernet interfaces might not look like they're working, but they are. You'll probably have to use the DHCP configuration screen to figure out which one is external/internal.

    Post-install, on the console, open Terminal and edit /boot/grub/menu.lst . Replace "vga=791" with "vga=normal" where it appears in the boot config lines toward the end of the file. Now the box can reboot on its own without horking the video.

    You're welcome.
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